The Limitless Bra is launched


By Sarah Taylor

  • The Limitless Bra is designed to help you stay active
  • The Limitless Bra offers a 68 per cent reduction in movement
  • The Limitless Bra offers simple sizing and is adjustable, accessible, fashionable AND comfortable

Recent research shows that half of girls stop or significantly reduce their activity when they hit puberty and, on average, spend just 25 minutes per day on sport or exercise versus 40 minutes for boys.

A significant reason? Breast discomfort. It hurts to be active without the proper support ... and yet over half of teen girls don’t wear a proper sports bra.

More than that: our own research found that there were no sports bras on the market that were made specifically for girls - not great news when you understand that buying a sports bra can often be both embarrassing and expensive!

We set to work collaborating with leading designers, manufacturers and testers, plus our own creative team, to develop a unique product, The Limitless Sports Bra, which is now patent-pending.

The Limitless Bra offers

  • SIMPLE SIZING: with one easy over-chest measurement and no confusing cup sizes.
  • ADJUSTABILITY: 4 inches of horizontal adjustment for growth using our unique T-Band and a range of comfort cups to provide more adjustability and to balance things up if needed.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: Easy to put on with a front zip. It’s a bra that is simple to fit and can be put on easily and discreetly.
  • STYLE and COMFORT: It’s designed to be worn all day, it looks great, and can be tightened for sport.

In tests at the University of Portsmouth, The Limitless Bra showed a 20 per cent reduction in movement compared to the most popular sports bra worn by teen girls; and a 68 per cent overall movement reduction.

Lucy Horsell, the creator of The Limitless Bra said:

We were worried about teenage girls, due to the slowdown in their physical activity once they hit puberty.

With that in mind, we designed The Limitless Bra to overcome the main barrier to girls being active. It offers simple sizing, adjustability and discretion and accessibility and is both fashionable and comfortable. We believe it will go a long way to addressing the issues that teenage girls face when buying a sports bra.

Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE, Olympic Gold medallist and GB and ENG hockey player commented on The Limitless Bra. She said:

I’m a real fan of The Limitless Bra. I have a personal quest to encourage girls to be more active and understand the importance of a well-fitting sports bra. I’ve been heavily involved with the team behind the new Limitless Bra and can testify from personal experience that it’s a vital breakthrough in girls’ sport.