Why Teen Girls Should be Encouraged to Play Sport

Teen Girls Encouraged To Play Sport.jpg

By Sarah Taylor

Studies show that the number of teen girls playing sport is significantly lower than the number of boys. Many young girls feel that playing sports is ‘unfeminine’ and will not offer them a life-long career.

Let’s change that.

In the past, the notion of males playing sports as a career choice has been heavily portrayed in the media as opposed to female sporting opportunities. For a long while, male sporting events received significantly more press coverage and traction. However, as the recent Women’s Football World Cup demonstrated, women’s sports are on the rise and times are changing.

This girl can

With movements such as This Girl Can, more and more women are being encouraged to grab hold of the opportunities around them and showcase their sporting skills. This movement in particular was set up in 2015 and has since persuaded nearly three million women to get active. Their main aim is to empower women across the country and get them feeling their best, regardless of their age or any limitations that may come their way.

With this in mind, we are on a similar mission, encouraging girls to live life without limits and take part in sports. Why? Because we believe that there are a number of benefits for young adults taking part in sports, all key in personal and social development.


As a teenage girl, a lot of changes are happening and it is easy to become overwhelmed and lack self-confidence. As well as improving mental and physical health, setting goals, achieving milestones and receiving praise all contributes to building confidence and maintaining a positive outlook.

Support and comfort are key when playing sports and can massively affect your performance. Sportswear needs to be practical and moveable, from footwear to underwear. At a crucial growing stage, a well-fitted sports bra, is especially essential to allow optimum performance and confidence during sports or exercise.

Staying active

Incorporating sport and exercise into everyday life from a young age instils it in the mind, increasing the chances of a healthier and more active lifestyle in the future. Plus, consistent exercise and activity encourages girls to maintain a healthy weight and relationship with their body during a time when negative thoughts can often come into play.

Working as a team

The ability to work in a team will present itself at multiple moments throughout a person’s life, whether that be professionally or personally.

Sports tend to involve thinking on your feet and working together to quickly solve a problem and achieve a goal. By doing this, skills are learnt that will set you up for life.

Ultimately, if you can work in a team, you are better prepared for the future to work with others and deal with any conflicts or problems that may present themselves.

Better focus

Some may see being part of sports teams a distraction during school. However, it can actually increase focus in the classroom.

Exercise improves memory and concentration therefore should be widely encouraged in schools to see better results.


Sport has always been known to bring people together on and off the pitch.

A group of people all striving for the same outcome and working collaboratively as a team to achieve this creates a strong bond between teammates. Having fun with the people around you is crucial in developing a strong mindset and positive social interaction, a key benefit of getting involved in sports at a young age.


It is time for young girls to grab hold of the reigns and find their passion. With female role models such as Cori Gauff, Megan Rapinoe and Rebecca Adlington taking centre stage in the sports industry, the stereotypes are dropping and the sporting landscape is changing for the better – and with the Tokyo Olympics less than one year away and a women’s Rugby World Cup to look forward to in 2021, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for women in sport.